Fast And The Furious Won’t Be The Same Without Dwayne Johnson, Would It?

Dwayne Johnson clears the air by confirming that he will not be a part of the Fast and the Furious franchise in any of their future projects. The Rock, who plays Luke Hobbs in the movie, had a conflict with lead star, Vin Diesel, during the making of 2017's The Fate of the Furious which followed in the actor’s dropping out of latest instalment, Fast and Furious 9.

Vin commented that it was Dwayne Johnson’s “tough love” act that enabled him to perform better in the movies. When asked about Vin Diesel’s comment, Dwayne told the sources, "I laughed and I laughed hard. I think everyone had a laugh at that. And I’ll leave it at that." Following this he said, ” I’ve wished them well. I wish them well on Fast 9. And I wish them the best of luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious movies they do that will be without me." What are your views on this statement made by The Rock? Will the iconic franchise be the same without him?