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On this Father's Day, watch Kevin Hart's Fatherhood on Netflix

Father's Day is celebrated on June 20, and as the day is almost here, spend more time with your dad. Watch this beautiful film about fatherhood on Netflix.


Fatherhood is a film about single parenting where Kevin Hart plays Matthew Logelin's character who is a single dad to Maddy (Melody Hurd). In the film, Matthew lost his wife during their childbirth due to some complications, and since then he is raising their daughter as a single father and a widower.


Matthew's happy days come to an end because he knows nothing about raising a child, balancing work and life, taking care of his kid Matthew learns a lot. The film covers sensitive topics like gender discrimination, the father-daughter relationship, and all the hardships a single parent has to face. Melody as Maddy is the sweetest yet the badass kid you will ever find.


It's a beautiful film that I guarantee will touch your heart. Will you give it a watch?


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