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Fear Street Part One: 1994 Review: Slashing in a retro style

Leigh Janiak's directorial horror flick Fear Street trilogy's first part was released yesterday, and it's currently streaming on Netflix for 1 hour and 47 minutes. These films are based on R.L Stine's Fear Street novels.

Fear Street Part One: 1994 is the first entry of the trilogy. It is set on the backdrop of the town Shadyside. The town is cursed by a witch, leading to different killings.

The movie starts where a young teenage girl named Heather gets haunted and killed by a skull-masked man in a mall. And since then, a series of killings start again.

This story's lead characters Deena (Kiana Madeira) and Samantha (Olivia Scots Welch), play lesbian young lovers who drifted apart when Sam left Shadyside to pursue her future in Sunnyvale, the next town which didn't record any violence in the last 30 years. Event of things starts happening after Shadyside students pay a visit to Sunnyvale. Samantha sees the witch, and she comes after her.

This is a teen movie with a retro vibe. You can also find similarities with the film 'Scream'. There are a few eerie scenes and jump scares at the time when killers are on the rage to slash throats that can make your spines chill, but other than it didn't stand out that way. Now I am waiting for the second instalment to see how things unfurl further. In the second part, we will travel to 1978.

What are your thoughts?


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