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February the month of Charismatic Female Leads!!

February is jam packed with strong female leads! The fantastic 4 of the K-drama world are ready to sweep us off our feet!!

Lee Joo Young in Times - I was in awe with her performance in “Itaewon Class” and in “Times” she will be playing the President’s daughter, stuck in a time warp! The game begins as she tries to prevent the death of her father and ends with her wit.

Park Shin Hye in Sisyphus: The Myth - Well the hype is real! She plays a soldier who fights big built men with her bare hands, shoots guns, installs explosives and is on a journey to save Han Tae Sul, the genius engineer!!

Lee Da Hee in LUCA- She was the epitome of an independent successful woman in “The Beauty Inside” and will be playing a badass detective in LUCA. With high level fight scenes and is in search of her parents.

Jun Yeo Bin in Vincenzo- From documentary director in “Be Melodramatic” to a criminal lawyer who will go to any lengths to win a case! Her looks might deceive you but her brain is sharper than a sword!


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