Feel Good Season 2 Review: An imperfect-perfect queer love story

What can be better than watching the Feel Good series, this Pride Month? It's a semi-autobiographical story about comedian Mae Martin's existence and love life.

Feel Good is currently streaming on Netflix which comes with an ensemble cast. It's an interesting watch and if you have watched the first season you would know that how important this series is to witness because it talks from the gender spectrum and the whole background of sexuality. At times like today, we need to watch more movies and series like these.

Season 2 starts from where it left off in the first one, and it slowly, Mae unravels more situations with her new girlfriend George played by Charlotte Ritchie. I really loved the binding of the story and also it's a pack of 6 episodes that hardly runs more than 23 minutes. So, give it a watch.

Let us know what do you think of it.