Female k-pop rappers who spit fire in the industry

Rapping is gaining popularity all over the world. Being a rapper or rapping has always been an important element of the k-pop industry. Trainees from young age start practicing their rapping skills and give it their all so that they can finally be put into idol groups by their agencies or else get recognition as a solo rapper . Raps in songs increases the more upbeat vibe delivering the message in more pulsating speech. Male artists rapping is pretty much common but it looks even more sexy when we see female artists rapping at the speed of light. K-pop industry is full of them. Moonbyul and Hwasa of MAMAMOO, Jennie and Lisa of Blackpink, Soyeon from (G)I-DLE, Ryujin of ITZY, Chaeyoung from TWICE, Irene of Red Velvet and Dami from Dreamcatcher are some of my favourite female rappers. These doll like looking, delicate beauties can burn you up with their rapping. Who is your favourite female rapper??