Feminism Or Hypocrisy?

I'm about to make a controversial post, so please bear with me and allow me to make my point without accusing me as toxic or a hater.


During my time at Pinkvilla, I have noticed a certain trend, lets call it misandry because it is, that men are often called out for doing certain misdoings and women are given a free pass. I'm not at all saying that PV is a safe space for actresses. We all see the character assassination that happens of a few, but that is not the point of my post. My point is... If a man cheats, he is a cheater! Correct. If a woman backstabs a fellow woman and gets involved with a committed man, the most common reaction on PV is "No woman can lure a man." "He was not a kid" "He is at fault" I agree with EVERYTHING, but if HE is bad, why is that woman good?


Okay now giving examples which will get me in trouble:

  1. Priyanka Chopra was involved with SRK, who was married! SRK is wrong. Is Priyanka not? If not, why? Is it okay morally to get involved with a married man, hurt a woman and then call yourself a feminist?
  2. Katrina Kaif has involved with Ranbir Kapoor while he was in a relationship with Deepika. She was also at that time involved with Hrithik Roshan, and here are various proofs suggesting so. Vicky Kaushal left his long term gf for Kat. Vicky, Ranbir, Hrithik are all bad and have been called out, but why not Katrina? "After Ranbir and Salman Kat deserves better!" is a comment I saw. My question... why do we have double standards?
  3. Deepika Padukone has dumped boyfriends after getting famous. Her dating list is longer than Ranbir Kapoor's. If he's a play boy, what is she?


Kangana is often called out for cheating with married men. Alia Bhatt is called out for getting in a relationship with her friend's ex. She is called a snake. Why not these actresses? Call a spade a spade. I am not character assassinating these women. I'm simply asking... why the double standards? If a cheater guy is bad, why is the woman who gets involved with a married/committed guy any better?


Your views?