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Finding Fanny - A Gem From Bollywood we failed to celebrate

My strenuous effort to find an unadulterated genuine product from Bollywood ended up in Finding Fanny. If we dig deeper we may find several underrated gems that's worth spending our time on. Finding Fanny was a breath of fresh air that deserved a much better reception. 

Finding Fanny is a journey in search of love. A story of realisations, lost love and hope presented in the most realistic way. The simplicity and subtility adds more value to the film, there isn't any irritating melodrama or colourful bollywood gimmicks. It picks up slowly and steadily, gets into the track and takes you into a world of wit and love. The film moves in a snail pace thus some of you may find the film less entertaining, but I assure that you're in for a real treat. I really loved the simple narrative and the way the makers handled comedy. There aren't any unwanted comical sequences or cheesy romantic episodes, everything fits right and goes well with the narrative. 

Goa has been a part of many Bollywood films. But you can't see the noisy beaches, tourist filled outer space or churches or cafes here. As the story starts to unveil, Goa shows it's real beauty. The aesthetic landscapes and the unexplored Goa beauty shines brightly on Finding Fanny. The eye pleasing visuals is another distinctive feature in the film. Nasserudhin Shah is an absolute delight whose towering performance makes the film complete. Even his minute expressions and sound modulations are worth noticing. Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapoor fit perfectly into the story and it is so great to watch such grounded, real characters. 

Finding Fanny may not appeal to everyone, it lacks the glamour you expect from a typical Bollywood flick but it's definitely my cup of tea. It's high time we celebrate movies like these. 


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