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Finding 'Ohana Review: A Colourful Mess For The Child In You.

Finding 'Ohana is a film situated in Oahu, Hawaii. 'Ohana is a Hawaiian term which means 'Family'.

The film revolves around some over-enthusiastic kids and grown-ups who are too adventurous to be true. Film uses its story to involve us in the Hawaiian history and traditions.

It is a mixture of 'too much' of everything. Each element is different and attractive but the excessive usage colours and adventures makes it look like a cartoonish comedy. You might find something unusual at every minute of this 2 hours film. So, you won't probably quit in between but you won't be able to savour it either.

Its pro is its con and vice versa. It keeps swinging between fiction and reality that you may start questioning about both. There are two ways you watch it- either you remain a rational human or give up yourself into the film's world. I suggest, you watch it as if you are a kid, then the film will be a beautiful fable. If you choose to analyze, you would laugh it off for being too fictional.

I give it a 3 on a scale of 5. Currently, the film ranks 4th on Netlix India.

Watch the trailer of Finding 'Ohana:


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