Five Songs New Stans Need to Listen To

If you are new to the genre of Korean Pop - commonly abbreviated as K-Pop, here are five songs you can listen to in order to expand your range: 1. Dope - BTS This BTS song is a classic in its own right. Starting with RM’s iconic Eoseo wa bangtaneun cheoeumiji?, this song is uplifting and makes you forget all your worries for a few minutes. It is perfect for those days where you want to rest but cannot catch that break. 2. More and More - TWICE Twice’s summer song will prepare you for the beach. The drop is quirky and the outfits they wear in the MV will really make you wish you could grab your swimsuit and run onto the beach. The vocals are catchy too and make for a good song to jam to during a road trip. 3. Energetic - Wanna One Wanna One’s debut track is really energizing and memorable. From the visuals to the sound, the whole song makes you move along to the beat. It is also a summer bop and should be on your playlist if you are an avid or new listener of the genre. 4. Nonstop - OH MY GIRL Oh My Girl’s 2020 Summer release is cute, bright and summer in a song. It feels good, looks good and sounds good. What else do you need from a song? 5. Kokobop - EXO Released by EXO in 2017, it was often made the topic of jokes due to how overplayed it was. But who can you blame? From the first note, the song is a slow summer jam and takes you on a journey through a paradise-like field.