Flashback Friday Review : Sparsh, Need Help not Pity.

If we talk about the Mighty Golden Period of Indian Cinema we have to include the Era of Art movies into the discussion. Some say it's over while some crazy movie buffs, like me, continue to keep it alive in our hearts and spread the word whenever we can. So here's me Jasdeep Singh telling you, "Why you should watch Sparsh".

1. Naseeruddin Shah The greatest piece of acting by an Indian actor on-screen period. I don't know what rituals Mr Shah performed or what sort of pills he took, but when you see him in this movie, he not only looks like the character he has literally become one. His gestures and actions, the tiny little nuances but most importantly the psychology that he has got hold of, it is so real that it's very hard to imagine that the guy is not straight up blind! Must have experienced that in some of his previous lives. That is the only explanation I can provide right now.

2. The Art of Storytelling Oh it's true! Storytelling is an art in itself. Now Sparsh is a movie about the lives of the blind particularly a blind principal who runs a school for the blind and the kind of struggles he has to overcome on a daily basis, the kind of demons he has to overpower, is basically the synopsis of this movie. What I particularly liked in this movies though is that, while the story revolves around this one central character, the director does not shy away from giving us insights as to how a school for the blind functions. Scenes where Children are performing for a play or they are selling hand made candles are given equal importance and detailing as to when the protagonist takes over which is really applaudable. All in all Sparsh is movie that simply can't be missed. And if you have already watched it, don't forget to like this post. Up until next time take care of yourself and have a good night. IMDB 8.1 Available on YouTube