From flirting on Miss India stage to romancing on-screen, here's how Priyanka & Shah Rukh's alleged affair shaped

 On the stage of Miss India 2000, when every Contestant was asked a question, Shahrukh asked Priyanka. From then on, directors could see the chemistry between the two of them.

They were both paired together for the Film ‘Don’. When Don was released, we were all so impressed with Farhan Akhtar's directorial, Shah Rukh Khan's portrayal, and Priyanka Chopra's cop avatar.

Their chemistry worked like magic on screen but slowly it became a real-life relationship in the public eye. Rumors can surface anywhere and so they did. But in some time, these Rumors came to be true.

When Gauri found out about the affair, she was ready to give Shahrukh a divorce and go different paths. People say that Gauri had forbidden Shahrukh to work with Priyanka and since then we have never seen them together. Many producers came in support of Gauri and stopped giving work to Priyanka.

It was a tough time for Priyanka. She was hardly getting any work and was boycotted by the industry.

All we know is that Priyanka doesn't need validation and neither does she need to fear those directors or producers as she has made a name for herself with a lot of hard work. Priyanka has won several awards and is a global success now