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Follow These Skin Care Routine in the Monsoon Season

Use sunscreen whenever you are stepping out of home whether it is summer, winter, or a rainy season because UV rays can have a bad effect on the skin cells.


After coming home in the monsoon season always wash your face and dry it. It is very important to wash your face otherwise moisture and humidity can lead to bacterial infections and fungus infections.


Wash your face at least 4 – 5 times a day because in monsoon season face gets oily and sticky. The dirt and dust enter into the pores. You can even use the natural rose water to cleanse your face so that it keeps your skin glowing and fresh.


Your skin always gets tanned in summer and monsoon season it brings dullness to the skin. To exfoliate your skin is very important to open out your pores.


Keep your makeup minimalistic. During the rainy season, always wear light makeup, waterproof makeup, and a matte finish.


Are you going to follow these routines in the monsoon season? 


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