Foreign members who are a big deal in their home country.

Foreign members are a gem to their respective groups from being dazzling visuals to being irreplaceable assets to their teams as a whole Here are some idols that are a big deal in their home countries

1) Lisa from Blackpink Lisa was born in Buriram, Thailand, and having grown up there with her Thai mother and her Swiss stepdad. Since passing the YG Global Auditions in Thailand in 2010, she left Thailand in 2011. She was just been 13 years old. Lisa grew up practicing for her debut with BLACKPINK but is now busy with her adventures in South Korea.

2) Nickhun

Better known as the Thai Prince. Nichkhun was born in California and brought up to Thai-Chinese parents in Thailand. He became a JYPE trainee in 2006 and made his 2 PM debut in 2009. During his traineeship years, he was required to attend not only Korean language lessons but also Japanese and Chinese classes!

 Are there any other foreign members?