Is forest essentials' gentle cleanser really an essential?

The Kashmiri Saffron and Neem infused Delicate Facial Cleanser by Forest Essentials, gently cleanses your face to remove surface toxins, impurities and leave glowing skin after each use. Saffron has always been used in traditional formulations for glowing skin, along with Neem for purifying and deep cleansing. These enriching properties makes this cleanser an ideal choice for getting touchably soft and nourished skin. In this, Oils are cold pressed by hand and they are 100% paraben free and contain no mineral oil, petroleum by-products, SLS, sulphate. I am out of words to explain how beautiful and luxurious this Forest essential Saffron and Neem Face Wash smells. It just takes into another world. It has such a beautiful, having natural vibes, saffron-y, refreshing, and spa-like fragrance. I love it when products have this natural luxurious fragrance. I honestly thought that it is going to feel like jelly or will leave my skin slippery and soapy but to my surprise, Forrest Essential Saffron Face Wash cleanses well without leaving any slippery layer behind. My skin neither felt too dry nor too slippery post washing. This is a must try.