Former (G)-Idle member Soojin's contract ends with CUBE Entertainment

After Soojin departed from her group (G)-Idle, her contract has also ended with CUBE Entertainment. CUBE Entertainment released a statement on March 5, in which they mentioned bullying allegations of Soojin. The company revealed that police did an investigation and the Soojin's accusers are apparently 'not guilty' for spreading false information.

They said they respect the results of the police investigations and apologize for causing concern to many people. As the K-Pop idol got bullying accusations from her middle school classmates, she had to leave the group in August 2021. Eventually, actress Seo Shin-Ae who was a former classmate of Soojin also came forward with the allegations.

Soojin and CUBE Entertainment denied the allegations at first, but eventually, she department the group leaving 5 members Soyeon, Minnie, Shuhua, Miyeon, and Yuqi. Do you think CUBE took the right decision? Or they should've fought more? Will you miss Soojin?