Former MASC member Chibin, who left the group after a violence incident with another member, to re-debut soon

Former MASC member Chibin is set to re-debut soon.

On June 30, One Cool Jacso introduced the first 13 members of OCJ Newbies and confirmed that the group would debut by the end of 2022. Netizens were quick to recognize one member as Chibin, the former MASC' member.

Chibin was a familiar face as in July of 2018 he had revealed that a member from his group, ACE, had violently beaten him. Sharing photos of his scars, Chibin cited that his addition to the team was the reason for conflict. Soon afterward ACE admitted to the accusations. Both Chibin and ACE left MASC, following which the group disbanded.  

Post his departure for MASC, Chibin had allegedly decided to prepare for college and change his career path to acting. So, seeing him still striving for his idol dream, many netizens started sending him encouraging messages. "I thought the name sounded familiar. I hope he succeeds," a netizen commented.

Meanwhile, Chibin is currently appearing as a contestant on Channel A's music competition program 'Youth Star.'