Former NU'EST Member Kim Jonghyun (JR) Signs With EVERMORE Entertainment

Former NU'EST member JR has signed an exclusive contract!

On May 16, EVERMORE Entertainment released Kim Jonghyun's (JR) new profile images and announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with the former NU'EST member.

EVERMORE Entertainment is currently home to the global band Bursters and singer songwriter AIVAN! It was formerly the representative for Kim Bada, Boohwal's Jung Dongha and vocal group VOISPER.

The agency commented, "We're happy to be able to work with Kim Jong Hyun. We will fully support him so he can showcase his abilities in a wide variety of fields in his promotions as a solo musician and as an actor. Please watch over Kim Jong Hyun with an affectionate gaze as he prepares for a new step."

Following the disbandment of NU'EST this year, Kim Jonghyun, who debuted in 2012 as NU'EST's leader JR, left  PLEDIS Entertainment. On March 15, NU'EST released their final "the best" album "Needle & Bubble."