Fresh, Fried and Crispy S1 is out and oh it's gonna give you foodgasms!

A new series, Fresh, Fried and Crispy drops on Netflix and is currently streaming there. So, I am calling out to all food lovers to witness this lip-smacking, drool-worthy food review series.

The series has eight episodes each focusing on different cities' cuisines, starting off with St. Lewis's delicacies. Daymon Patterson, the face of the fried and junk food will be reviewing every place's cookeries and oh the series looks so yummy. While writing it and thinking about it, my mouth is watering. So what are you waiting for? Set your fork and spoon and gorge into this delicious series that has just plated hot on your dish.

This is just the first season, there are more in the oven. So, what do you think?