Geez & Ann Review: …….And They Did Not Live Happily Ever After!

Geez & Ann is an Indonesian film directed by Rizki Balki. After falling for Geez, a heartthrob at school, Ann must confront family opposition, heartache and deception as their romance struggles. The film has all the elements to be a wonderful romantic film – the lead characters played by Junior Roberts & Hanggini being hopeless romantic; Ann who can’t tolerate lies and Geez with his strict mom.

Throughout the film, the pair is separated by only one problem- Geez’s mother. She wants him to follow her educational path and go to Berlin. She also hates Geez’s father and doesn’t want her son to end up like his father who is a musician. Despite it being obvious that the mother is the problem, Ann does not like Geez lying to her — she also wants him to live to every promise he makes, but Geez is constantly derailed to do so because of his mother.

Though the film has many cute moments and super cliché romantic gestures in the beginning but with the film cycling many lies and promises broken, Geez & Ann becomes repetitive. With the habit of always rooting for the lead characters in every romantic film, this film certainly changed that for us in the end. The scene then cuts to Ann opening up her memory box for her and Geez, and she plays music from an old iPod and she looks at peace. After which the writing on the screen tells the audience that some stories have to end for new ones to begin on a better note, leaving us guessing will there be a part 2?

Streaming on Netflix.