Get the most out of an online concertGet the most out of an online concert

Thank god for K-Pop lockdown isn't boring anymore. With almost every K-Pop group hosting an online concert, fans can now enjoy watching their faves perform from the comfort of home. Here are some tips to enjoy the concerts to the fullest. 1.Set out your devices beforehand-If you want to sing and dance along your faves make sure to check and set all your devices beforehand. 2.Get your lightsticks ready-Have a concert-like experience get your lightsticks out and sing along your favourite songs. 3.Get some snacks ready-These concerts can be long and tiring. Make sure to stay hydrated and be sure to keep some snacks along. 4.Invite your friends over-The more the merrier. Invite your friends along to keep up with the energy of your faves. Also, you never know you can turn your friends into fans. 5.Try for some big screens-Bigger screens can make your experience ten times better and thus improve your overall experience.