Get Ready To Witness The All-New Cinderella Trailer With A Modern Twist!

The trailer of the long-waited 'Cinderella' movie starring Camila Cabello, is finally here. The legend is the same but the tale comes with a modern twist, this time Cinderella does not want a prince charming, instead she wants to stand on her feet and earn her rightful position by building her own fashion empire. Along with Camila there are many more known faces that’ll be sharing the screen with her, we’ll see Idina Menzel as the evil stepmother, Billy Porter as the Fabulous Godmother and Nicholas Galitzine as the Prince, and wait a second, how could I forget to tell you that James Corden would also be a part of the film, that’s awesome right?

Just so you know “Cinderella” is written and directed by Kay Cannon, a former “30 Rock” writer who is best known for creating the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. If you still haven’t watched the trailer then hurry up and watch it here, because this time Cinderella is no damsel in distress, she doesn’t want a Prince Charming, she wants to be unique, bold and most of all she wants to showcase her talent to the world. How excited are you to watch the film?