Get your Hands on Nykaa Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil.

Scientific studies have found many amazing benefits of rosemary oil and extracts for health, skin and hair. After discovering its various benefits, this herb has become more and more popular and important.

After I read online about the multiple benefits of rosemary essential oil, I purchased the one from Nykaa.

Here is how I used it and how it helped me!

- I mix 2-3 drops with my moisturizer and dab it on my face. This really helped lighten dark spots and blemishes and improved my overall skin complexion.

- I mix 2-3 drops with almond oil and massage my face with it for at least 5 mins. Rosemary has an anti-aging property as it is rich in anti-oxidants. It tightens loose skin making it firmer and elastic. It also increases cell growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Massaging my face activates this process.

- I mix few drops of rosemary oil with coconut oil, slightly heat the mixture and massage my scalp with it. Using rosemary on a regular basis for massaging the scalp nourishes the scalp and removes dandruff helping to relieve dry and flaky scalp.

- I use a mix of olive oil and rosemary essential oil to massage my scalp as this has helped and strengthening my hair.

- Before going to bed. I massage my temples with this miraculous essential oil. This helps me get better sleep.

Rosemary essential oil works on all skin and hair types! So, go ahead and buy this essential oil and see the difference in your skin and hair.