(G)I-DLE's Soyeon and CUBE Entertainment apologize following plagiarism accusations of ATEEZ's song 'Wave'

Jeon Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and her agency CUBE Entertainment has released a statement regarding the plagiarism controversy of the survival program "My Teen Girl" finale song.

"My Teen Girl" is an MBC audition survival program where Jeon Soyeon was one of the judges/mentors. The idol also produced a song named 'SUN' for the finale. However, the song got attention for being similar to the chorus of ATEEZ's song 'Wave' that released back in 2019.

ATEEZ's agency KQ Entertainment stated that although their producing team's name has been listed in the credits of 'SUN', they never gave permission to use the song nor to mention the producer's name.

Then CUBE Entertainment released a statement saying that they bow their heads and apologize. After the finale aired, the company found out about this issue. Jeon Soyeon even personally spoke to the original producer. Then she made a public apology to both fans and producers.

The company further revealed that after acknowledging the similarity, they had to give credits to original producers. After Soyeon talked personally with the producer, CUBE Entertainment sent a request to modify the credits. One hour before the song was supposed to release, the producer's agency KQ Entertainment opposed this. But since the request to production company had already been made, the song was released without the agency's opposition being reflected.

CUBE Entertainment apologized again and ensured that they'll do their best so that this issue does not occur again. What do you think about this issue?