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Ginny and Georgia Review Part 1: Must-watch and Georgia

A Netflix Original titled ‘Ginny and Georgia’ was released recently. It is a 10-episode series with each episode being an hour long. While the show has been very well-received, most of its popularity is limited to the first few episodes. This is because the series is too long and feels exaggerated or inadequately timed. Most scenes seem very unnecessary and only add to the time. The show would have been much better if it had 30-minute episodes.

The plot of the show surrounds two ladies - Ginny (Virginia Miller) and Georgia (also, Mary), as the title suggests.

Georgia is Ginny’s biological mother and the two seem to have a somewhat unhealthy relationship. Although Georgia’s character belongs at the darker side, you will find yourself rooting for her on multiple occasions. She amuses, amazes and inspires you. She is an unhealthy person, constantly indulging in escapism, overly obsessed with her daughter, power-hungry and deeply scarred by her past, from which she hides.

[Share your thoughts on Georgia's character in the comments below, and check out Part 2 for further details on Ginny's character and the plot]


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