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Ginny and Georgia Review Part 2: Abrupt Ending & Ginny

Ginny is a typical teenager who goes through a multitude of character changes throughout the show. Her character gets complex when she is having an identity crisis and is looking deeply for a place to belong as she does not identify completely with either the Black community in the USA or the White community either. However, this area has not been explored adequately. It has been brushed away with a poem that she writes around the final episodes.

Georgia is the only typical ‘Southern’ character from the USA that I have encountered. So I’m thrilled about it. The only representation in the American entertainment industry is that of the Northerners or the Southerners of the Civil War. Hence, the show was quite insightful in terms of the struggles of women in the South.

The series had an extremely abrupt ending. Ginny’s love life was a very long deviation from the main plot, and hence, quite unnecessary and confusing in certain areas. In Season 1, it was Georgia who stole the show. If this gets approved for Season 2, we’ll have to wait to see what Ginny has to offer.

Overall, the series is a must-watch. This is because of how unconventional and different it is. However, share your thoughts in the comments below!


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