Girls Hostel 2.0 Review: Poor Jokes But Fierce Story

TVF Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel 2.0 released on Sony LIV today, 19th February 2021 and it did not turn out to be what we expected from TVF. The team is known for creating shows filled with punches, sarcasm and clever jokes. Girls Hostel 2.0 is no where near to their USP. However, its plot has a value, and it has a defined storyline which was lacking in the previous season.

This 5-episode series revolves around college students' elections and envelopes different subplots that highlight certain issues prevailing in our society like water crisis, sexual harassment, dirty politics etc. It tries to include different genders, ethnicities and personalities in the discussions. This strong storyline often seems to be pale as it doesn’t have that TVF factor in it.

Prominent characters in the series are played by Srishti Shrivastava (Jo), Ahsaas Channa (Richa), Parul Gulati (Zahira), Simram Natekar (Mili), Shreya Mehta (Ramya), Trupti Khamkar (Warden) and Gagan Arora (Aarav). Of all these actors, only Srishti as Jo and Simran as Mili do complete justice to their character. Shreya’s character as Ramya is similar to Deepika from College Romance. This doesn’t provide Ramya any unique trait as we have already seen this cunning, bully and unstable personality. Others seem to be doing justice to the dialogues provided to them.

The direction by Chaitanya Kumbhakonum, cinematography by Sudarshan Srinivasan and writing by Shreyasi Sharma, Swasti Jain, Prashant Kumar and Anant Singh formed a systematic flow of the story with an appropriate closure. The absence of humour is felt, but as you are drawn towards the depth of the plot, you might want to ignore the fact that you did not laugh at any joke. It is a one time watch series and can be termed as satisfactory, as it has no loose ends.