Girls Hostel 2.0 Trailer Review: Fun Show Took A Serious Turn

TVF's Girliyapa has released the trailer of second season of their hit webseries, Girls Hostel. The first season was pretty much on a lighter note and gave us funny insights of events happening in the Girls Hostel. The show is about female friendship and hostel life, and tries to cover one or other social issue in each episode.

The trailer of Girls Hostel season 2 has an unexpected grey shade. It indicates that this time it will be more than just some jokes here and there. It will revolve around the college elections and unlike other shows, things will be viewed through women's lenses.

However, two particular actors seem to be trapped under the issue of typecasting. Shreya Mehta as Ramya Mantri and Gagan Arora as Aarav. Their characters are similar to their previous roles. Ramya is very similar to Deepika, while Aarav is similar to Bagga from their show College Romance. We also see a few glimpses of Srishti Shrivastava as Jo and it rises our expectations from her. Other protagonists are played like Ahsaas Channa (Richa), Parul Gulati (Zahira) and Simran Natekar (Mili). It will be exciting to see if their character graphs will change in this season.