'Goblin' to 'My Mister': 4 K-dramas that are very controversial despite their popularity

  1. Goblin - Hear me out! I am a huge fan of this drama and have seen it multiple times. However, after every watch, I have realized how problematic this drama is. One of the biggest reasons is that it promotes paedophilia, even if it is unintentional. A 939-year-old Goblin has an eighteen-year-old (Korean age) wife. How weird is that?
  2. Penthouse 3- This one may not be as shocking but the controversy in itself is a huge issue in K-dramas. In this, a character was portrayed in such a manner that international fans couldn't bear it and called it "racism". The character of Alex Lee is dressed up with a tattooed face, gold teeth, reggae hair, and speaks English with an African American accent.
  3. Squid Game - You may not be aware of this but "Squid Game" roped in controversy for plagiarism. There is a Japanese movie " As the God's Will" which has quite a similar premise and where a bunch of high-schoolers are forced to play games that will kill them if they lose. However, the controversy was never acknowledged properly, it is still debatable whether it was inspired by it or not.
  4. My Mister - This IU drama was actually a part of various controversies due to the age gap between the lead actors IU and Lee Sun-gyun and netizens claimed that it is played on a false fantasy relationship between middle-aged men and young girls. However, one controversy that received a lot of attention was the "promotion of dating violation". The audience thought that it simply showed how males are still considered superior to females.

What are your thoughts on these controversies?