"Goblin" star Lee Dong-wook completes 22 years in the industry - Let's take a look at some of his iconic roles

November 5, 2021, marks the 22nd debut anniversary of our beloved Grim reaper Lee Dong-wook. He has been a part of various major projects, from being a rich heir in "My Girl" to tickling our bones in "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God." He has proved his versatility as an actor from time and again. In order to celebrate Lee Dong-wook's prolific career, let's check out some of the most iconic roles that established him as a Hallyu star.

  1. My Girl - This classic drama rose Lee Dong-wook to stardom and catapulted him into Hallyu wave. He played the role of a rich heir who reluctantly falls in love with our heroine. Probably one of the contributors in setting the trend of typical rich, cold, soft-hearted man in K-dramas. Definitely a must-watch for viewers who enjoys 2000's dramas.
  2. Scent of a Woman - We all bawled over this drama. This iconic drama presented the range of Lee Dong-wook, the actor. He sensitively portrayed the character of this man who knows that he is in love with a dying woman. From his emotions to his expressive acting, everything weaved this drama into the beautiful classic, that it is.
  3. Goblin - It wouldn't be wrong to say that this drama re-established Lee Dong-wook's career which had quite a decline. The role of Grim reaper left us in hysterics, probably one of his biggest roles so far. We got to see a side of Dong-wook which was never explored before, his comic side, the timing, the bromance, the love story. This drama was an experience, I would love to have again and again.
  4. Hell is Other People - This psychological thriller is the reason why I never doubt Lee Dong-wook as an actor. The creeps he gave us in this drama is insane. It is a genre he has never been a part of, but he pulled off this extremely psychotic, eerie, unsettling character with absolute preciseness.

There is a long list of his dramas which proves the reason for his success. However, these are some particular characters that stood out for me.

Have you seen all of these dramas? Did I miss any of your favourites?