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God’s plan or our convenience? - Aarkariyam! (Who knows)

It is a neatly executed, well detailed, amply engaging flick filled with catchy performances. It totters along in a moderate pace like the aged but stunning Biju Menon, leading to a puzzling question: “Is it always God’s plan all along or is it just convenient to leave it as God’s plan?”


Spoilers alert :


The flick, right from the start, has a soothing air about it, be it the light-hearted dialogues or the warm, relatable execution. Parvathy, as always, is reliable and puts in a performance that would seem like a cakewalk nowadays. Sharafudeen deserves a special mention and his portrayal of Roy turns out to be a breath of fresh air. But, it is the aged Biju Menon who grabs all the attention and delivers probably his best act ever, with at least the state award on the cards. Though the pace of the flick maybe argued to be slow, one would only be happy with whatever time they get to enjoy the stunning Biju Menon as Ittyavira. The theme of the movie concerns a certain puzzling question - "Is it always God’s plan all along or is it just convenient to leave it as God’s plan?". As Roy is burdened with the task to help Itty in incinerating the remains of Augustin, he seeks out to the people who have known Augustin in the past. He wants to convince himself that Augustin is indeed deplorable as has been presented by Itty. Though he gets contrasting views from others, he is helpless and forced to help Itty, fully understanding that the monkey will remain on his back forever. For Itty, it was all part of God’s plan, and he makes peace with the subsequent good times that he got to experience, especially in the life of Shirley. But, is it not always our convenience, and what right do we have to label it as God’s plan? The detailing deserves praise too. Small things like the transformation of the house and its surroundings from the present to the flashback, the reason for Itty’s aversion to eating out of cut coconuts and Sundaran as a child have all been brought out in a subtle yet effective manner. One other aspect that stands out is how well the whole COVID-19 pandemic has been documented, be it the PM’s lockdown speech or the various nuances associated with it. It could be watched in the future to remember what life was like during the so-called COVID period and some of the associated incidents, that is if the pandemic were ever to get over. It is well worth a watch for the catchy performances, neat execution and its ability to make one ponder.


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