Gold Medalist Reveals Kim Sae-ron's DUI Blood Test Along With An Official Apology

Gold Medalist have finally made an official apology.

On June 7, Kim Sae-ron's label Gold Medalist revealed the results of the actress's DUI blood test accompanied by an official apology.

As previously reported, 'A Brand New Life' fame actress Kim Sae-ron was caught by police drunk driving in the neighborhood of Kangnam and attempted to flee after hitting a structure.

Though police wanted her to take a breathalyzer test, she requested a blood test at a hospital. The police revealed her results had 0.08% alcohol however, her label denied receiving the results. According to the company's statement, Kim Sae-ron's blood alcohol level was actually 0.2%, which means her license would be canceled.

The label stated in their apology that Kim Sae-ron is deeply reflecting on her mistake and is in the midst of payments for the damages caused by the accident. "We bow our heads deep in apology once more to everyone who was disappointed by this unfortunate incident and to those who were affected by it,"  they concluded.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae-ron has left the cast of SBS' upcoming K-drama 'Trolley' to reflect on her wrongdoings.