Gong Yoo shared thoughts on split responses to 'The Silent Sea'

Netflix Sci-fi drama 'The Silent Sea' starring a huge star cast including Gong Yoo and Bae Doona was one of the highly anticipated dramas of 2021 for various reasons such as the stellar cast and the huge success of Korean dramas like 'Squid game' and 'Hellbound' worldwide, however, it was released with split responses. While some praised it for its visual effects and acting, others criticized it for its incoherent storyline.

Recently, Gong Yoo shared his views on the mixed responses to 'The Silent Sea' and said, "When I received the script and started working on the drama, I knew that some people would love it and some people would hate it. Since it’s in the sci-fi genre, I expected that the split would be even more extreme. I thought there were many different perspectives that the drama could be approached from, whether it’s a scientific or a historical investigation."

Regardless, he showed his satisfaction and said, "I think that this is a meaningful first step for the specifically Korean space sci-fi genre. Personally, there are parts that I’m very satisfied with, and I think it was brilliant for a first step. Many people watch from different perspectives, but I think of those diverse perspectives as garnering more interest in the drama, so I’m grateful.”

'The Silent Sea' did open some new gates for the Korean film industry in terms of new genres and risk-taking approaches. It may have fallen short in certain areas, but it aced in various scenes. Have you seen this sci-fi series yet? Share your thoughts!