Good vibes cucumber toner

  • Price: 175 rupees for 120 ml
  • Packaging :Good vibes cucumber toner comes in a dark brown plastic bottle with spray mechanism attached to top. 
  • Fragrance : It actually smells like cucumber juice and it isn't too steong so it won't irritates sensitive nose. 
  • Pos:Budget friendly, convenient spray bottle, travel friendly, gives an instant glow, refreshes skin, balance oil, free of SLS, paraben and alcohol. 
  • Cons: Not suitable for dry skin. 
  • My experience : The toner is light green in color and almost watery. I simply spray it on my face and tap tap with my hands. It gets absorbed pretty fast and does make skin a little glowy and refreshed instantly but glow dies not last long. If you have dry skin then you will not feel dydrated. The toner absorbs excess oil and gives an oil free glow. It is good for normal, combination and oily skin type people but not for dry skin type.