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GOT: Here's how season 8 spoiled the reputation gained by the first seven seasons

The Game Of Thrones web series is an adaption of the book ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ written by George RR Martin. Both the books and the series have a separate fan base altogether. However, the eighth season of the web series was equally criticized as they were loved in the first seven seasons, here’s why.

Until season seven, the series was made according to the storyline already present in the books. As the gap between the seventh season and the eighth season started making fans edgy, demanding for the eighth season relentlessly, the writers and the makers of this popular show had to go for the final season without the book publishing.

Fans say the final season was nothing but disappointment, thus tarnishing the built-up hype since the past seven seasons.

What are your thoughts about the eighth season of GOT?


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