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The Great Indian Kitchen - Brief Review

‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is a Malayalam movie directed by Jeo Baby. It was released on 15th January 2021. The story of the film seems fairly simple - a new bride, who hasn’t been raised in a strict patriarchal regime, finds it difficult to adjust in her new household where women are the cooks, household managers and are apologetic of anything that goes even slightly wrong in the house.

But the direction and writing add multitudes of meaning and emotion to the film. These factors, along with the noteworthy performances of the actors, added to the mass appeal of the film which is being fairly well received. The film reflects very well on the current social situation in Kerala where patriarchy is being challenged in very subtle, slow but irreversible ways. It is representative not only of women who challenge and fight but also of women who have never known anything other than patriarchy and are hence submissive to it.

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