Gross Things In Netflix's Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

I don't know why Netflix bought The Misadventures Of Hedi And Cokeman. It is filled with problematic stuff. Even if part of it might be true and they might be attempting to do dark comedy, still it is bad.

Cokeman is in his white briefs and an over sized fur jacket throughout the film. Yes, I get it, he is under the influence of drugs but still you cannot show him as some abnormal drugged bisexual man.

Hedi's sister is shown to be a pretty young lady with brains and manipulative skills. She runs after every man with money, even if that guy is the world's most unhygienic man.

Hedi and Cokeman's neighbor is murdered by someone who thought him to be Cokeman. The duo then decides to keep his headless body in their house.

What is happening in Paris, I want to know if what the film represents is true?