H1-KEY's Thai member Sitala's agency responds to the backlash

H1-KEY's Sitala who was expected to debut soon came under a lot of backlash revolving around her family background. The controversy began when H1-KEY's members were introduced individually by Grand Line Group ahead of their debut, and soon Thai netizens recognized her as the daughter of an elite who supported a military dictatorship in Thailand.

Sitala was also assumed to be a supporter of military dictatorship as she named her father her role model during an interview. This stirred quite a controversy and fans even demanded to ban the idol. However, the agency remained silent up until yesterday when Agency responded to the negative comments.

The Agency stated that they have been examining the situation and have come to the conclusion that Sitala will not be removed from the group since she can not be held accountable for the matter. They further clarified that she named her father her role model and that is based upon his parental figure in the family.

However, the response was not received well by the netizens as many of her old tweets and posts surfaced which further establishes that she could be a supporter of dictatorship, and the agency came under a lot of backfiring for their decision. What do you think is this decision of the agency right?

Meanwhile, H1-KEY is all set to debut in 2022, consisting of four members. Don't you think this controversy will also affect the rest of the three members who have done nothing wrong?

Read the complete statement below.