Had Aryan Khan Not Been SRK's Son, Would He Have Got Bail?

In a shocking turn of event, Aryan Khan, son of famous movie star Shahrukh Khan was denied bail today after his sensational arrest in the Mumbai drugs-on-cruise case. Despite SRK's lawyer assuring that he'd be out of jail today, the judge agreed to NCB's arguments when they said that being an influential person, this case is important to crack as, otherwise it'd send a wrong signal to the youth, "These are college students, and consuming drugs, also these are influential people, looking at them, it will affect others too."

Because even though, Aryan reportedly admitted to have consumed drugs, he wasn't found in possession of any during the raid. And despite being charged with Consumption Charges only, he didn't get any bail.

Do you think he would have got bail had he not been SRK's son?