Hair Cleansing Ingredients That You Should Use For Healthy Hair

If you have greasy scalp or dandruff in your hair that you are missing to use it in your hair care routine. If you have excessive sebum, grease, dandruff, and dryness then a few haircare ingredients will make your hair healthy. 


Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best ingredients as an anti-oxidant for your body. It contains anti-oxidants that remove all residues from the scalp without drying them out. Also, it helps in help growth, clarifies the scalp, and also promotes hair growth. Use a nourishing paraben shampoo into your hair care routine. 



If you are suffering from severe dandruff or acne, there is no better ingredient than using neem in your skincare routine. Neem oil helps to suppress inflammation, acne, dandruff, and also scalp irritation. 


Tea Tree Oil 

If you have a greasy and oily scalp then use tea tree oil. It is an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient; tea tree oil helps to manage excessive sebum production on the scalp while unclogging hair follicles to reduce inflammation.