Katch Up With KPOP| BIGBANG's T.O.P blurring BLACKPINK's name in his Instagram story

The BIGBANG member recently celebrated 2NE1's performance at the biggest music festival 'Coachella'. As the veteran girl group reunited after 6 years, it was a special moment for many. But the tweet that he reposted had BLACKPINK's name as well, and he decided to blur their name.


The original tweet talked about how 2NE1 joined BLACKPINK as the second Kpop group to ever perform at the Coachella. He immediately received backlash and hate comments for his story, thus he deleted it after a while. His latest post has around 23k comments with the majority of hate comments.


After 15 years with YG Entertainment, T.O.P recently left the company in 2022. Thus he might be staying away from posts or news related to YG Entertainment and their artists. But many argued that he could've chosen a tweet that didn't mention BLACKPINK's name. What are your opinions on this?