Hand care booms amid the ongoing pandemic

Hey beauties 

Before starting my review, I want to ask you guys, do you pamper your hands as much as you do for face? Honestly, I used to ignore my hands whenever doing a self care session but lately I have become a hand care fanatic and it's all because of the ongoing pandemic!

Today I'll be talking about the growing importance of hand creams amid this era of pandemic. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) since the Covid-19 has started there is a global rise in the cases of hand eczema. Due to the frequent use of hand sanitizers, soaps and what not during this pandemic, my hands were becoming extremely dry and cuticles were also kinda ripping off! Thankfully, they are now in a better condition as I'm following a basic hand care routine which is really easy and yet an effective one. A good moisturizing hand cream was the need of the hour and these two hand creams from Bath and Body works contain moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E and they smell amazing. It absorbs quickly to leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished. Also, these minis are travel friendly too. I think we all should follow atleast a basic self care routine as it really does provide a sense of relief and brings positivity during these hard times.