Hand care tips!!

Our hands also needs loving care. Mostly we neglect to care our hands. There are some tips on how to keep aur hands beautiful and healthy :

  • Always use hand lotion or hand cream to help you leep the moisture of your both hands. Preferably, hand lotion or cream enriched with shea butter. 
  • You can also use coconut oil for massaging on your hands. It really good for hands and give moisture to the hands. 
  • Wear protective hand gloves when you are doing laundry taska or washing dishes, to protect your hands from absorbing all the resudue coming from the detergent. 
  • Put on sunblock lotion or cream on your palm and on to your enture hands. This is certainly a must in order to protect your hands from sunburn which usually causes wrinkles lines and skin discolouration. 
  • Dry up your hands right after washing. Keeping your hands dry and clean will limit the spread of the bacteria that will cause common colds and flu viruses. 
  • Do manicure once in 15 days or at least once in a month to pamper your hands. 
  • You can use your facial scrub for your hands or a diy scrub is quite perfect scrub to removes dirt, dead skin from hands. Mix coffee powder, sugar and coconut oil together and use it as a hand scrub. It will make your hand super soft, moisturized and glowy. 
  • Stay hydrated and always eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. These all are very good for your skin.