Happy birthday Abhishek Bachchan - 5 performances that prove he's a talented actor!

Abhishek has been in the industry for over two decades now and still remains one of the most underrated actors of Indian cinema. Here are five underrated performances of Abhishek that prove he's a talented actor!!

1) Paa - Abhishek's act as a politician who has to deal with a newly discovered dying kid is something that cannot be ignored. This was by far his most subtle performance. Abhishek brings out warmth and affection in his performance as he plays dad to his real-life father.

2) Dum Maro Dum - This movie's take on the drug cartel in Goa was realistic and gritty but certainly worth watching. Abhishek's role as a cop who is reeling from the death of his wife while trying to eradicate the king of the drug cartel.

3) Guru - Abhishek displayed the character inspired by Dhirubhai Ambani that ages through the film. From his impressive screen presence to strong dialogue delivery, there's no doubt that this is his best film.

4) Bunty Aur Babli - This movie is one of the most celebrated films of Abhishek's career. Not only did he garner huge appreciation for his quirky character and onscreen chemistry with Rani Mukherjee, but the film also turned out to be one of the biggest commercial hits of his career.

5) Dostana - At a time when most actors were doing mainstream roles, Abhishek chose to step out of his comfort zone and did Dostana. His portrayal of a character pretending to be gay in order to find a house was hilarious to watch!