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Happy Birthday Bipasha Basu - Here's how she survived 20 years in Bollywood.

Bipasha Basu had a fairly good career in Bollywood. She roughly started 20 years ago and is still a good actress. Here is how she survived in Bollywood.

She has never worked with the Khans - She's been in Bollywood for nearly 20 years but still hasn't worked with the Khans in her entire career. I feel that's okay because the actresses who've worked with them too has vanished after a film or two!

She took lead in bold films - Bipasha has completely changed Bollywood's perception of boldness after taking a lead in films like Raaz and Jism and aced them. No actress could've played these roles better than Bipasha.

Gave a new dimension to the horror genre - Bipasha has done many movies in this genre like 'Alone', 'Creature 3D', and 'Raaz 3'. She played these roles with so much perfection. Bips proved that she's not here just to look pretty and bold.

Made a statement by not preferring to whiten her skin - Bipasha was called an 'unconventional' actress due to her skin tone but she chose not to do anything about it. She said that she doesn't understand why are people obsessed with fair skin, she likes herself the way she is!


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