Happy Birthday Chris Hemsworth: 5 must-watch films of the actor other than Marvel world

We have loved Chris Hemsworth as Thor over the years in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, the actor is celebrating his birthday, and here are the 5 movies except for Avengers where he has shone as an artist.


MIB (Men In Black)

A sci-fi genre movie based on adventures and actions, Chris plays a character that has similarities with Thor, but only he doesn't have a God-like structure, and he doesn't have a hammer. He looks quite handsome in the film as Agent H. Watch on Amazon Prime.



Extraction is an action-drama where he plays Tyler Rake's character, who has been hired to rescue an International crime lord's son. But in the process, many unnatural things happen which doesn't work out properly. Extraction 2 is on the roll. Watch the first film on Netflix.


Star Trek

One of the most surprising characters done by Chris Hemsworth is in Star Trek. He plays Samuel Kirk's role. To know check out Star Trek on Amazon Prime.



Someone is trying to cause an apocalypse by summoning ghosts to the city, but paranormal enthusiasts try to stop it. Ghostbuster is a unique film, and Chris Hemsworth's role is worth mentioning. Stream it on Vudu.


Bad Times at El Royal

A story about seven strangers who meet at a strange time with their dark past but work together to find a cure or fix. Though Chris is not seven of them, he plays a character that will stay with you forever. Watch it now on Vudu. 


Which one is your favourite?