Happy Birthday Malavika Mohanan: Best Beauty Secrets

Actor Malavika Mohanan has become of the household names because of her amazing performance in Petta and Beyond The Clouds. She is also known for her luscious looks and fantastic skin. The beauty has revealed her beauty secrets many times. 


Today on Malavika Mohanana’s birthday here are some of the beauty secrets:


Holistic Skincare

The one thing that is obvious from this actor’s Instagram account is that she is a fitness freak and takes care of her body very well. Malavika Mohanana’s is all about her holistic skincare, working out works really work for her skin and also eating clean.  


DIY Face Pack

The actor has a quick and easy hack for fixing her skin, which her mom has taught her. She uses a little yogurt and a red sandalwood powder, mix them and apply it to her face. She said that it helps in managing acne and scars due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  


Natural Oil

Have you ever heard of kachiya enna? I hadn’t either but Malavika Mohanan swears by this. The DIY hair oil can be made using coconut oil and natural ingredients like peppercorns, moringa leaves, tulsi, and betal leaf stem. This works magic on your hair that makes them silky, soft, and smooth. And judging by her lush, gorgeous looks, this is one we all should try. 


Lip Balm

Malavika Mohanan swears by a lip balm for dry and chapped lips. If chapped lips are something that you are worried about then always apply a lip balm. It helps to make sure that your lips are hydrated, smooth, and soft.  


Minimal Makeup

Best known for her nude lips and kohl-rimmed eyes, she always tries to keep her makeup minimal. After seeing that her mom does, her makeup she has adopted kohl at a young age, she made sure that kohl is a staple in her makeup looks. She generally tends to keep her beauty looks as natural as possible.