Happy birthday Ranveer Singh (An appreciation post for all the actors/actresses in Bollywood)

Happiest Birthday, Ranveer Singh.

I really like how you embrace your true self. Whether it is by wearing the wacky clothes you like or being the high on energy wacky person that you are. Khilji was supreme, Bajirao, Kabir, Varun Srivastav, Murad, etc. all were very very good. I can't help but be a fan <3.


I know that you were ridiculed many-a-times for your wackiness. You were deemed unfit to be DP's beau just as so many comparisons that are drawn everyday. People judging Aamir-kiran coz how could the perfectionist fail? They don't acknowledge your humanity, people saying how Sonam's husband can tolerate such a loud mouth (when real loud mouths are the themselves) and asking why would Sonam marry Anand, people judging Alia-Ranbir, again, I can't help but be thoroughly impressed by the way y'all handle the trolls, the abuses they hurl at you. DP and you stayed strong during Padmaavat scandal, during the whole NCB angle, Karan Johar is brutally trolled forever, he still stays strong, Anushka, Athiya are blamed for their Beau's failures, they stay strong, again, consider me a fan of this strength of the people in bollywood. I might not like a lot of starkids but I can't deny that I greatly admire their audacity to stand up to the trolls and move forward in their own lives.

Honestly, we even talk about why Hritik is single or what mandira should wear on her husband's funeral or KL Rahul and Athiya are not fit for each other, we constantly dump judgement on you, loads of it but y'all stand tall, you don't break. We mock the age difference between PC-Nick and Alia Ranbir, we're all actually the gossip-y aunties we despise. We talk about all the things we shouldn't. We denudate you of your privacy, we rip it off, still y'all stand strong. Honestly, sometimes I might not like your movies, your acting or your interviews but in a way, I'm a fan of each actor and actress in Bollywood.