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Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh, Here's Why I Truly Love You

Hey Ranveer, I was first fascinated by you, then turned into an admirer, then started liking your work and eventually fell for you hard. I have seen my feelings get stronger for you by the day. But I have my reasons that I'd like to share with you and everyone else:


For being fearless: Despite being judged, mocked and ridiculed by so many, you stood your ground and won over almost everyone who once hated you, your conduct, your style or your fashi sense. Your fearless approach was your stigma for survival which later became your mantra for success.


For setting the bar too high as a lover: At a stage in your career when everything was going right for you, you did not worry about surrendering yourself to love. The way you've expressed your feelings for Deepika time and again on every platform, speaks volumes of your character. I absolutely love you for that.


For being a great artiste: I was blown away when I saw you do Gully Boy, mostly because I still hadn't come out of the Khilji hangover. When you played Murad, it was a testament of you being in a league of your own.


I can't wait to see what you've done in 83, but more than that I'd just like to tell you that millions like me out there love you for being who you are. For not being bothered about anyone who spreads negativity about you. You have my heart and my appreciation. Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh!


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