Happy Birthday Rubina Dilaik – Here Are Few Skincare Secrets That She Swears By

From winning many beauty contests Rubina Dilaik was younger to lighting up small screen and even winning the Big Boss 14 trophy. The one thing that we all cannot stop is admiring is – how does she manage to look so good? 


Here are few beauty secrets that she swears by:


1. SPF For Life

To protect her body from direct exposure to sun rays and rightly so she uses sunscreen extensively and heavily. If you are not using a sunscreen every day then what are you doing? Consider this a daily reminder to apply sunscreen.  


2. Ginseng Face Mask

Rubina Dilaik heavily relies on the Ginseng Face Masks. Claiming that this is the reason her skin is protected from pigmentation, dullness, and dark spots, she trusts to use the K beauty staple face masks to brighten up her skin. 


3. PM Routine

Like all beauty enthusiasts, Rubina Dilaik also follows a PM skincare routine that she follows before going to bed. She also cleanses, tones, and moisturizes her skin before she turns in for some beauty rest and also uses a night serum and cream to do the trick. 


4. Coconut Oil For Makeup Removal

Through an IGTV video on Instagram, the star revealed that she removes her makeup with cold compressed coconut oil since it leaves her skin supple and soft. And if you are worried that your skin will become oily then she suggests wiping the face with a towel dampened in lukewarm water.